Food Anecdote

Why are some people called “hungry” in a metaphorical sense?

Here´s an idea: Whenever you eat something, next your body digests, thus robbing you of a lot of energy. If you eat often, you thus constanly are lacking energy.

Energy isn´t just the strength to get your ass up. It is also used to increase the speed of your cognitive processes and their quality.

Over months of experimentation, I noticed my productivity skyrocketing whenever I delayed my first meal of the day.

Today for example, I ate at 4 PM and my productivity before that was top-notch. After having 600 grams ( 21.5 ounces ) of chicken breast with lettuce and olive oil, which is technically a keto meal, I had a glass of coke. I had lots of energy for the rest of the day and my productivity was unsurpassable. Even though I had several glasses of coke through out the day (together 60 grams of sugar), this never changed. This was caused by one or more of the following:

  1. Intermittent Fasting (from 10 PM until 4 PM)
  2. No carb-heavy meals, but small amounts of them spread through out the day.
  3. A lot of protein (180 grams), so 1 gram per pound of my weight.

This is peak human performance and the way to go (maybe except for the coke, but small amounts of caffeine are actually nice as fuck for preventing tolerance and keeping constant motivation).

Also, it keeps you from getting too hungry and you won´t get cravings, though you might feel like drinking more. This is due to carbohydrates containing hydration, aka. water, so having less carbs means you have to drink more.

This style of eating is lately being found to be the healthiest way even by slow science, though it´s been talked about forever.

By the way, I´ve lost 31 lbs just this year.

Signing off,

a brilliant guy who´s way too ecstatic.

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