Cooking For Machos

Unless someone cooks for you or you have enough money to eat at restaurants everyday, cooking is a necessary evil.

I recommend always having the following in your fridge:

– Hummus

– Butter

– Curry Paste (not sauce, paste!)

– Ketchup / BBQ Sauce / Mustard

– Oil / Vinegar

– Broccoli, Raw Spinach, Lettuce, Carrots

Using these things, decent meals can be created easily.

Furthermore, if you can make scrambled eggs with bacon and cook pasta, that already allows for a lazy version of Carbonara.
Pasta can also be eaten nicely with fish and butter / olive oil.

Simply throwing meat or fish into a pan allows that to be combined with the vegetables I named above, which can all be eaten raw, perhaps dipped in hummus or mixed with oil and vinegar.
Alternatively, throw canned or frozen veggies into the same pan once the meat is half finished.

For easy carbs, simply eat bread with either butter or hummus. Add butter or curry paste onto rice and potatoes for taste.

The last part is seasoning food.
I recommend salt, pepper and chili peppers in all variations, but coriander, cumin and black cumin allow for more variety.

Congratulations, you now know how to cook better than half of the human population.

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