Calorie Counting Rant

Short rant:

I´m dieting again, with the following plan:

200-300 grams of protein a day.

Only a little fat from cooking oils and meats.

Only a little carbs from fibrous vegetables and certain fruits.

This should put me between 1000-1500 calories, depending on my protein intake and how much I stick to it.

Today´s day 3, and I lost 6.5 lbs of water weight, glycogen and stomach contents already, so I´m definitely in a caloric deficit.

Day 1 was decent, only a little hunger, however on day 2 I couldn´t sleep for hours because of my hunger, until I filled myself up with water and raw broccoli.

Now, I know this diet is unhealthy and unsustainable, but I just want to lose some kilograms quickly, so I decided to stick it out.

Today, I ate almost only protein and really had to force feed myself to get the protein in.

So I decided to count up the calories I had on all days using an online calculator, and I came up with this:

Day 1: 5500 kcals

Day 2: 1200 kcals

Day 3: 2500 kcals

Days 2 and 3 seem alright, but day 1? 5500 kcals with moderate fat and few carbs, ending up a little hungry? I couldn´t do that in a million years, especially considering I had to force feed myself to get to 2500 a few days later!

Calorie counting is weird, which is why I rarely do it.

Always use common sense and try to standardize your meals or use the values on packages. This was not possible for me due to my food coming from a butcher and containing bones, which I obviously didn´t eat.

Last point: Protein will not keep you out of ketosis, I just measured my ketone levels at 1.3, which is decent ketosis.

They say that you can have up to 50g of carbs a day during a keto diet, but I don´t think your body can even produce that much glucose out of protein. Maybe it´s just the large amount of food that shortly kicks you out of ketosis, until a few hours have passed.

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