Two Axioms To A Backbone

Re-post of a deleted article:

I. Set goals by figuring out what you care about – not what you enjoy, but what you have to strive towards in order to respect yourself.

Some would call this: “Do What Thou Wilt.”

II. Then you figure out what helps you achieve those goals, and what doesn’t.

If it isn’t directly helping, it is harming you because you’re wasting time. This sounds radically simple, but a lot of people still mess it up by saboting themselves. As Ronnie Coleman said: “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.”

Everything you need to know is explained above, the rest is not going to help you.

I will now give examples of goals and distractions:
Reasonable goals might be saving up enough money to buy a house, winning a competition, figuring out how to win at life, teaching others valuable knowledge, starting your own company, etc.
Common distractions are chasing women (unless you already have a decent career and one of your goals is starting a family), social media, hanging out with friends who will never achieve anything, entertainment (I don’t believe in “infotainment” or learning through games), hobbies that aren’t contributing to your wellbeing and performance, your ADHD (focus is the habit of noticing distractions and saying “no”), or aesthetic pursuits such as drugs, music (only useful if it is improving your performance), the worthless shit people call art, movies, cat videos (if you watch those, get off my site, I mean that!), body modification, cars, watches, watching news (they are mostly irrelevant to your life and if they’re not, you will sooner or later find out about them anyways), fashion, acquiring knowledge you’ll never use etc.

I first wanted to term this philosophical train of thought something that contained the word “nihilism”, because apart from your goals nothing else matters. But I decided against it, as nihilism is about finding out why things aren’t of as much value as people claim and what they are really worth, whereas this new attitude doesn’t have to find out anything about things, it is simply assumed that everything not related to your goals is, by definition, worthless to you (it doesn’t matter what it might be worth to others).

Instead, I could explain to you why you are wasting your life away, how you will introduce good habits to your life and get rid of bad ones etc.
But if you have any sense whatsoever, you already know that or will soon figure it out on your own. If you don’t have any sense, this article wouldn’t help you anyway.

What is the alternative, achieving little and remaining at the same level until your age starts breaking you down? Fuck that. If you have achieved all of your goals and can’t think of new ones as important to you, you might just have won at life.

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