Estrogen Anecdote

A few years ago, I drove away for the weekend and returned late on a sunday. I was thirsty and had left a full water bottle next to my bed. It had stood in the sun for the last 2 days and was pretty warm, but I wasn´t choosy. I had 0,75 liters (or 26.4 fl. oz.) of the water and went to sleep.

The next day I felt like shit, so my first reaction was to have some more water, the other 0,75 liters. The originally closed 1,5 liters (52.8 fl.oz.) was now empty.

A few hours later I felt even worse, I was tired, weak, unmotivated, lazy, and had the worst brain fog you can imagine. In other words, I felt like a complete mental and physical retard. So I started thinking about how I fucked myself up and I remembered something I had read a while before:

To soften plastic, xenoestrogens, artificial substances that mimic female sexual hormones, are often used. In and of itself, that isn´t harmful to the body. The problem arises when the plastic is heated or frozen, the xenoestrogens then diffuse and enter the water in the bottle.

After 2 full days I started feeling like a intelligent human being again, but I wasn´t fully recovered until another day later.

This experience gave birth to the following question: Is this how women and fat people always feel?

Since I started paying attention to xenoestrogens etc., I noticed something: My shampoo gives me a similar feeling, although for a shorter period. Xenoestrogens are also used in some cosmetic products, so I started using baking soda and my hair is cleaner than ever.

Do What Thou Wilt with this information.

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