Excursion – But why, then, do you write?

Since I don´t really care if anyone reads my posts, I wonder why I´m writing my posts at all. I guess it´s an experiment.

I tend to have brilliant thoughts, but I simply forget them either after a short time, or they disappear in the ocean of thoughts that my brain produces. Also, my best thoughts always arise, if there is a problem to be solved or a question to be answered.

A: I do not belong to those who think with the wet pen in hand ; and still less to those who yield themselves entirely to their passions before the open ink bottle, sitting on their chair and staring at the paper. I am always vexed and abashed by writing ; writing is a necessity for me, even to speak of it in a simile is unpleasant. B: But why, then, do you write? A: Well, my dear Sir, to tell you in confidence, I have hitherto found no other means of getting rid of my thoughts. B: And why do you wish to get rid of them? A: Why I wish? Do I really wish! I must! B: Enough! Enough!

Source: Friedrich Nietzsche, The Joyous Science, in my book it´s chapter 93.

One thought on “Excursion – But why, then, do you write?

  1. Let´s be real here. Almost nobody will even visit this site, and most who do will read 0 to 1 articles and never come back. Over time, some people will probably visit this page more than once. Once you have acquired a good amount of knowledge, you will spend more time applying knowledge and actually doing something, that´s the knowledge cycle. I myself don´t follow any media regularly, whether TV, blogs, YouTube channels, magazines, newspapers, radio or anything else, as most media do one of 3 things:
    1. Regurgitate the same content over and over again.
    2. Don´t go in-depth for lack of knowledge, or because specification lowers the amount of people willing to consume content.
    3. Changing their opinion more often than their underwear.

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