NoFap, Keto And Fasting

I will explain my tests chronologically.


On Day 1 of NoFap I realized I had a sex drive that was unusually low for me and decided to use it to my advantage, starting NoFap. This included no sexual activity, no porn or other sexually stimulating media (talking to the instagram whores etc.) and not even touching my dick unless for urinating.

Days 1 and 2 were only mildly challenging, as my sex drive was low. I expected an increase in sex drive as time passes, but this did not occur. I also didn´t notice any significant increases in testosterone, even after a week. I don´t know what that study is about, to be honest.

Here´s some real shit I would like to leave out, but unfortunately won´t: Your genitals shrink if you don´t use them, this is temporary and reversible very quickly. Not a reason to worry.

I tried NoFap several times after this while I had a high sex drive, and my sex drive declined after a few days, in fact, became nonexistent like in the earlier experiment. It seems to happen after 4 days.

The only way to prevent this is to surround yourself with hot women constantly.

That’s like telling a recovering alcoholic that he should put a bottle of whiskey to his lips once an hour without drinking, because it will make him stronger. Might theoretically be true, won’t help.

All in all, I didn’t notice any differences, except that I looked for other stimuli to take its place. If you’re a real sex addict, lowering your sex drive might be a good idea, apart from that I think there is no point. NoFap alone will not change your life.


On Day 7 of NoFap I figured it was so easy that I would have stopped NoFap just out of lack of challenge. So I decided to do a 3 day fast, just taking electrolytes to avoid the stabbing stomach cramps I had last time.

Day 1 was alright, I wasn´t really hungry and performed normally without wasting energy for digestion. I went light on the electrolytes, taking about 75 mg of magnesium, 750 mg of sodium and 1000 mg of potassium.

Falling asleep hungry is always a little harder, since you´re restless and feel a little worried. Killer Mike was right:

On day 2 you will typically start experiencing the problems. If you´re borderline retarded, as my approach to fasting indicates, it will be harder.

My plan was to consume twice the dose of salts I had the day before since my body didn´t have anything to digest left. Ok, seems reasonable.

Less reasonable was how I sipped on my electrolytes while doing something else, consuming 1/3 of my planned daily dose within 15 minutes. I had wanted to slowly drink it through out the day, but got distracted.

Here´s the problem: Your body excretes excess electrolytes through feces. When you aren´t eating anything, your body cannot produce solid feces. Does that turn on your alarm bells yet?

In other words: I had completely fluid diarrhea within 15 minutes of consuming the electrolytes, which lasted several hours. Also worth mentioning is the fact that your intestinal tract doesn´t produce any gases if you´re fasting, so any pressure you feel is definitely not gas.

Almost needless to say, my sex drive did not get better by starving myself, I was extremely sluggish and barely got anything done. At least I didn´t have brainfog. The only benefit I noticed from fasting was that my chronically low appetite increased quite a bit afterwards, and for longer than just a few days.

Day 3 of fasting always sucks the most, especially the evening. I called up my dad, who is a veteran jojo-dieter, having starved himself for several weeks multiple times only to regain all the weight plus more, and he said that after day 3 the hunger disappears. After 80 h I was still feeling like shit and hungry as a motherfucker. I guess that´s cause I was exercising at the time. Also, more muscular individuals (a group I luckily belong to) tend to take longer to adapt to fasting and will lose more tissue.

On the last day of my fast I found out that I shouldn´t have been exercising while fasting, since it increases your calorie expenditure and muscle breakdown, so the body doesn´t have protein to rebuild broken down muscle and it breaks down even more muscle to feed itself. Here´s a good explanation including the example of seals (start at 5:45):

After overachieving with 82 fasted hours, as opposed to my goal of 72, I was sick and tired of fasting and had some food. Tasted a little bit like defeat.

This fast was obviously too short to lose fat.

My plan had been to fluently change over from fasting to ketosis, but my fridge contained some carbohydrate sources that would have rotted and I hate throwing away food (good excuse, I know). So I carbed up for 2 to 3 days, don´t remember exactly, but my calories weren´t sky high, I know about reverse dieting etc.. On Day 10 of NoFap I still hadn´t really seen any benefits from it and I had gotten an erection for the first time in half a week, so I stopped NoFap. Stopping didn´t have any real effects on me, though constant and chronic masturbation might have entirely different results.

Ketogenic Diet:

So, after finishing Fasting and NoFap, I started keto, eating around 2100 calories or so a day, I had to force feed myself oil to get that high. You really can´t eat that much beef, salmon and eggs a day. Vegetables I consumed were broccoli, cauliflower (disgusting!), lettuce, mushrooms and bell peppers, mainly the first 2. I used olive oil and MCTs as oil sources, the medium-chain-triglycerides probably were the reason why I didn´t get any keto flu symptoms (headaches, lethargy etc.), since your body can make ketones out of MCTs pretty rapidly.

Also note that I am sceptical of “exogenous ketones”, since they by definition are supposed to fuel your body, but if your body is fueled by exogenous ketones, why would your body produce its own ketones? Wouldn´t that lead to your body sparing liver glycogen for longer, thus prolonging the time until you reach nutritional ketosis? I haven´t tried them out, though, and I´m not a medical doctor.

On Day 2 of Keto, in the morning, my Keto sticks arrived and obviously, I wasn´t in ketosis yet. I tested again in the afternoon and my results were about 10-15 mg/dl or 1-1.5 mmol/l. This indicates good levels for ketosis (0.5-2 mmol /l), but being the meathead that I am, I thought: “The comparison chart has darker colors than what I got, so I´m not in full ketosis yet”.

Day 3 of Keto, my AM test resulted in 25-30 mg/dl so I thought I´m getting closer to ketosis, but really slowly. In reality I was already in what some charts called “post-exercise-ketosis”, because your blood carries more ketones after working out on a ketogenic diet. Curious thing is, I hadn´t been working out or doing any strenous physical activity for days, so maybe it was one of the stages of adaptation.

Come PM, I tested again, and my levels were over 50 mg/dl, which indicates “Fasting Ketosis” or “Starving Ketosis”, but I wasn´t doing either, I guess that´s also a peak during adaptation. This day I did my research and read up on ketone levels, so I realized something was up.

The same day, I got sick and tired of eating keto food, so I didn´t have dinner and I expected my ketone levels to drop to a normal ketosis range, either because adaptation progressed or because I consumed less food.

On Day 4 I found that my prediction was accurate and my ketone levels were around 10-15 mg/dl, so I figured I had adapted finally. This same morning was the first time that I had a great erection since starting keto and I had woken up after just 5.5 h of sleep feeling tired at first, but full of energy once I got up. Ketosis had hit harder than Tyson in his prime.

What other benefits did I feel from ketosis? The only thing was that I didn´t feel tired after eating, which often happens with carbohydrates. A disadvantage was that I had a much harder time falling asleep, but that might have been due to me consuming my cup of coffee later in the day than usual. Even if it was the keto, wouldn´t that mean that you need less sleep?

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