Nutrition Basics 2 – Optimization

This is actually pretty simple once you´ve gotten the hang of it. It´s not rocket science (which I almost chose to study in the military). Note that I don´t believe in any “secret superfoods they don´t want you to know about”.

“What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome.” – Nietzsche

In hindsight, this article could also be called “How To Bulk”.

I. High-fat diets and high-protein diets have been found to increase testosterone levels, this means you should eat enough, unless you´re fat. Saturated fats (up to a certain amount) are especially helpful, despite what a lot of retarded doctors are saying. Those are the same ones who, a few decades ago, said that butter and eggs were bad for you and that you shouldn´t eat high-fat foods and caused people to eat more carbohydrates and thus caused most of the western hemisphere´s health problems and deaths.

More info: ; Also: ‘ “Your genetic makeup – not diet – is the driving force behind cholesterol levels, says Dr. Nissen. “The body creates cholesterol in amounts much larger than what you can eat, so avoiding foods that are high in cholesterol won’t affect your blood cholesterol levels very much.” About 85% of the cholesterol in the circulation is manufactured by the body in the liver. It isn’t coming directly from the cholesterol that you eat, according to Dr. Nissen. ‘ Source:

II. Your testosterone levels will undoubtedly be lower on a diet, this might be a necessary evil, although (e.g. intermittent) fasting seems to give us a better alternative. Strict calorie restriction is not necessarily healthy, but it gets the job done fast and bodybuilders use it, because it works. Reverse dieting is important to avoid unnecessary fat gain after the diet.

III. Long diets cause chronically low testosterone levels and your metabolism slows down. If you have a massive amount of fat to lose, keep dieting anyways. If you want to get stage-lean, take a diet break of 1-2 weeks on a maintenance level after every 6-8 weeks or so. Reverse dieting is more important the leaner you get.

IV. Eating more doesn´t necessarily cause you to gain fat. Another tip to actually use the calories you´re eating is low-stress activity: Walks (if you do “nordic walking”,  get your testosterone levels tested), sex, sports in which you don´t move a lot and which don´t mess up your joints (table tennis, Tai Chi for whatever it´s worth, bowling etc.). Great opportunity to finally clean your damn place or do things you were procrastinating.

V. Mentally demanding activites can also burn calories, if only because you´re not lying down during them. You want to choose low-stress variants such as chess (slow time controls), writing articles, learning something new such as a language, memorizing anatomy, nutritional labels or sports scores (it´s incredible how working on your visual memory energizes you, it doesn´t matter what you´re learning, as long as you´re demanding something from your brain) or any other hobbies that are not increasing your stress levels. Here I want to point out that the worst thing you can do is watching videos, especially on a small screen, as there´s something about moving pictures that fixates your eyes and thus reduces your activity and inhibits your energy, observe little kids (or some adults) staring at screens for hours as an example. For more info, read “Amusing Ourselves To Death” by Neil Postman, a work of prophecy from the 80´s. Small screens are even worse, as you will move less while looking at them or the pictures would get blurry and having a screen even closer to your face blocks out the real world more and thus causes you to move less.

VI. Tips to increase calorie consumption: Chug oils such as olive oil, MCT oil and red palm oil. Mix solid fats into hot drinks (e.g. coconut oil and butter), aka. Bulletproof Coffee, though Dave Asprey doesn´t like it if you use the term for anything other than precisely his invention:

How to make your coffee bulletproof and your morning too

I don´t know where to get half the ingredients, but okay. I just know you can get C8 MCT Oil a lot cheaper than that.

VII. If you still can´t eat enough to get you out of the skinny-twig-zone, eat less sodium aka. table salt. Some studies suggest you don´t eat until you have reached your macros, but until you have reached a certain sodium intake. Also you might try drinking less water, this will fill your stomach less and make you eat more carbs to replenish water stores, but it can go wrong, be careful and remember that I´m not a doctor. Also, don´t consume stimulants if you eat too little, they burn more calories and surpress appetite.

VIII. If you are having trouble digesting all that food inspite of the exercise you´re doing, consume insoluble fiber, such as popcorn, certain cereal products (grain bran, whatever the hell that is, and buckwheat, which technically, is a pseudocereal, again, whatever the hell that is), berries etc.. Personally, if I feel kind of full and plan to eat another meal soon, I´ll have some digestive enzymes before the meal. Some people would disagree with me on the effectiveness of that, but it works.

IX. If you aren´t having trouble eating enough, drink lots of water and try aiming for enough fiber of all kinds (soluble and insoluble) by eating your veggies etc.

X. Doing more strength training than usual will not be beneficial in this process as it increases stress levels too much. Try to keep your workouts as short as possible, e.g. do HIT with maximally 12 sets = 12 exercises per session, no rest and going to complete technical failure or further. Each minute spent training increases your stress levels. High stress levels combined with high calorie consumption is most likely to go wrong.

Here is an excerpt from Nietzsche concerning a surplus of power comparable to the surplus of energy you will get from following my advice (brilliant transition):

Toward a psychology of the artist

“If there is to be art, if there is to be any aesthetic doing and seeing, one physiological condition is indispensable: frenzy. Frenzy must first have enhanced the excitability of the whole machine; else there is no art. All kinds of frenzy, however diversely conditioned, have the strength to accomplish this: above all, the frenzy of sexual excitement, this most ancient and original form of frenzy. Also the frenzy that follows all great cravings, all strong affects; the frenzy of feasts, contests, feats of daring, victory, all extreme movement; the frenzy of cruelty; the frenzy in destruction, the frenzy under certain meteorological influences, as for example the frenzy of spring; or under the influence of narcotics; and finally the frenzy of will, the frenzy of an overcharged and swollen will. What is essential in such frenzy is the feeling of increased strength and fullness. Out of this feeling one lends to things, one forces them to accept from us, one violates them–this process is called idealizing. Let us get rid of a prejudice here: idealizing does not consist, as is commonly held, in subtracting or discounting the petty and inconsequential. What is decisive is rather a tremendous drive to bring out the main features so that the others disappear in the process.
In this state one enriches
everything out of one’s own fullness: whatever one sees, whatever one wills, is seen swelled, taut, strong, overloaded with strength. A man in this state transforms things until they mirror his power–until they are reflections of his perfection. This having to transform into perfection is–art. Even everything that he is not yet, becomes for him an occasion of joy in himself; in art man enjoys himself as perfection.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


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