Collected Thoughts 2 – The Feel Ain’t Real

The way I see it, there is the path of enjoyment and the path of achievement. Whenever you choose to live a certain lifestyle, you will adapt to it. Exposing yourself to a stimulus repeatedly will weaken its effect on you. If you are working hard to achieve your goals, this will mean it becomes easier to work on your goals and will leave you less tired. If you are chasing enjoyment, this means it will become harder and harder to achieve the same level of enjoyment. In one scenario, you become stronger, in the other, you become a junkie looking for the next fix.

Has any man ever been remembered or respected for how much he enjoyed life? No, man has always been measured by how much he achieved during his lifetime.

So you might think to yourself: “What, I’m supposed to work all the time without enjoying myself?” Well, you can have a good life without constantly seeking joy. Also, working is, by definition, the act of getting work done, so achieving something.

Also note that you will adapt to the low amount of pleasurable stimuli by becoming more sensitive to stimuli or finding those stimuli in your work. If you get your shit together, you might some day find that you are unbelievably proud of yourself for walking on the true path.

I used to think that feelings were only required to give a general sense of value to things, such as “this feels good” or “this feels bad” and that the rest has to be figured out logically. I now recognize this as wrong for the following reason:

If your goal is to feel good, why would you choose the path of achievement when there is pleasure to be had in an easier way? It is way too easy to get distracted this way. Feelings are not required for achievement.

I know “not feeling anything” has a bad reputation, as if you were a psychopath or something like that. The reason for this is that pop culture chooses the path of enjoyment. Pop(ular) culture is, by definition, what the masses think is good. Unfortunately, the masses can be convinced to believe almost anything, have no clue what the hell is going on in life, and will never achieve anything, so fuck pop culture and its illogical superstitions.

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    1. If you are weak in spirit and excessively proud of yourself,
      If you strive to be famous by any means,
      Know that in peril and need you will reconcile with deceit and lie,
      And in the face of power you will obey others will.
      If you are weak in faith and do not pray to the heavens,
      If you do not bow before the Lord in true repentance,
      Know that you lose the precious years of your life,
      And in vanities of the world you will not know the meaning of your life.

      There is only one path of life, your time on the Earth will rush unnoticed.
      Everyone has to leave a mark and achieve something,
      Live a worthy life and completely evade sin,
      And everyone has to sincerely aspire to good deeds.

      If you judge others and try to count their sins,
      Start with your own, and you barely reach those of others.
      If you’ll rise above others when acquire money and luxury,
      Know that wealth will pass and you will nevertheless come full circle.
      If you live aloud just for your own ends and are faint-hearted,
      If you value yourself and are obedient to the voice of doubt,
      If you are indifferent to sufferings and woes of others,
      Know that the fire of honor and goodness is put out in your heart.

      In the time of great peril you will know the fidelity of a friend,
      You will know the value of a friend when you will lose him completely.
      Do not always say aloud and divulge everything you know,
      But always be sure and know what you say with your mouth.
      The one who tells – sows, the one who listens – reaps,
      Great anger will test the wise and war will test the courageous.
      Goodness is the cloth of the saints and it never becomes decrepit,
      Everything comes for those who patiently expect fate.

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