Training Program 4

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This is a bodyweight program, so you just need somewhere to do chinups and dips with your arms at the side of your body. There are optional core and trapezius exercises, which can be done weighted. This program isn´t exactly rocket science, but it works. Just stick to the basics (and the program) closely and consistently, results will follow.

1 week before starting this program, test the maximum number of pullups and dips you can do in 1 set, without pausing during the set. Rest completely for the next 7 days, then start the program.


  1. Incline Dip means you lean forward a little bit. If you are having problems with shoulder pain, don´t go deeper than a 90° angle at the elbow. Always move your scapula during dips.
  2. Move your scapula during pullups and chinups.
  3. “Total of 3-4 x Max” means you multiply the maximum number of reps you can do in 1 set by 3 or 4 and aim to d0 a number 0f reps in between the 2 resulting numbers. It doesn´t matter how many sets that takes, but try to do it as fast as possible.
  4. “Alternate 30s / 0s” means you d0 1 rep that has a 15s c0ncentric and a 15s eccentric, then you d0 a rep as fast as you can, until you reach the number of reps required. You can even let the momentum lift you int0 the air, but control the eccentric.
  5. If you stagnate on 2 training days a week, that´s not a problem, as long as the third one gives you some progress. In an 8 week program, this can happen.
  6. Rest for a week after the program and eat a lot during this time and on all rest days.
  7. “Logging” is where you note how many reps you did and how good the form was.
  8. Since this is my simplest program so far, I´ll keep the RPE simple: If you´re not sore or weaker a day after training, go harder next time. If you feel like shit on the next training day, go less hard.

Usually, I´d add my list of what to do if you don´t improve on this program, but I don´t give a fuck anymore and it´s in my 3 other program articles.

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