Training Program 5

This is a High-Intensity-Program for beginners or intermediates. If you´ve never done HIT, consider yourself a beginner.

1st link is PDF, 2nd MS Office / Libre Office:

Plan 5 – 8 Week HIT – PDF

Plan 5 – 8 Week HIT – Chart


  1. Rest a week before starting this program and a week after completing it.
  2. Into “Goal”, you write how many reps you´re aiming for. HIT Programs usually choose 8-12 reps.
  3. Int0 “Weights” you write  what weight you actually ended up using. You do 1 set per exercise to complete failure. No rest pause or breathing sets, unless done intentionally for a purpose.
  4. Into “Results” you enter the amount of reps you managed t0 do.
  5. Use linear progression for the entirety of the program.

Here´s the usual list of what to do if you don´t get any results:

  1. Use a calendar the next time someone tells you to wait a week before doing something.
  2. If you did rest a week before starting the program, consider resting a month, maybe you´re really stressed out.
  3. Learn how to sleep properly, that means catching up on sleep, darkening the room, no sounds, maybe even turn off electric devices. Don´t eat big meals before bed or high-fat meals even hours before bed. Note that 8 hours after drinking coffee 50% of the caffeine is still active in your body.
  4. Learn how to eat properly, that means make sure you eat enough calories and protein (you don’t need a gram a pound, though!) and that your muscles are filled with glycogen before working out and that    you´re filling the glycogen stores after training by eating carbs.
  5. Note that you should not be doing intense strength training if you have depression. You can´t expect any gains if you ignore that.
  6. Get your testosterone levels tested, preferably by a doctor.
  7. You might be going either too hard or not hard enough on the sets. Be honest to yourself about this.
  8. Add a rest day into the training cycle, or even 2. Simply postpone the workouts.
  9. If all else fails, consider removing yourself from the gene pool.

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